The Newest Brothers – Gamma Upsilon





Fundraising With Sisters of Phi Delta Chi


Frying some delicious sausage.

Frying some delicious sausage.


Pinning – Spring of 2014

Pinning of our Gamma Upsilon associate class Spring of 2014

Pinning of our Gamma Upsilon associate class Spring of 2014

Pinning Spring 2014

Pinning Spring 2014

Delta Upsilon New E-board and Chair Holders


President – Mike Massucci
Vice President of Member Education – Damon Stafford
Vice President of Recruitment – Kyle Wellman
Vice President of Loss Prevention – Trevor Vuorenmaa
Vice President of Academic Excellence – Garrett Kissinger
Vice President of Finance – Matthew Tomaszewski
Vice President of External Relations – Timothy Tomczak
Vice President of Administration – Joseph Brubaker


Associate Member Educator – Sean Branner
Social Coordinator – Sean Branner
IFC Representative – Nikolai Pieniazek
Intramural Sports – Timmy Tom
Service Chair – Joe Brubaker
Song Chair – Timothy Tomczak
Historian – Brandon Miller
Media Coordinator – Sean Branner
Chaplain – Garrett Kissinger

The Newest Brothers – Gamma Tau


Rite 2 Fall 2014

Rite 2 Fall 2014


But first... Let me take a Selfie.

But first… Let me take a Selfie.


The Newest Brothers – Gamma Rho

IMG_20121209_123101 IMG_20121209_123206


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